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Rules 2nd Season Scanlation!

Ichinko Scans is scanlating the second season of RULES in english! :D

Check out the first chapter http://ichinkoscans.tumblr.com/post/107619496962/rules-2nd-season
I don't know if anyone has posted about this before but, well MK sensei has released another new comic called 「夏の痣」or Natsu no Aza.
It released a while back on September 25 in 2014.

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Are You Enemy? Chapter 1 (Eng)

(Pdf error fixed + Jpg uploaded)

I would like to give a Christmas present for this community, so I tried to translate the first chapter in Walker series "Are You Enemy?". Like a comment by main scanlator of this series (Liquid Passion), this one isn't both Yaoi or Shonen-ai. This chapter is just about a utility man job of Bun. However, the story is funny, and the client is really cute crying baby (he looks like a stereotype of Uke in other Kano's manga, that why Bun don't jump him LOL). I don't have a time to fill a translated word in the panel, but I wrote it at the left and right side of the pages. I used different color for different person, so I hope that it don't make you confuse. I think that it may be too fast for my Japanese skill to translate this manga, but I think this translation is better than nothing. Have fun!

PDF zippyshare
Excel zippyshare
Jpg Mediafire



As suggested by kiggy007 I'm summarizing the major series by MK-sensei.  I'll start with Calling because I'd already had most of it done.  All but the last two chapters were scanlated by Liquid Passion, although LP's server is gone and the Rapidshare account I moved these to is also deleted.  Hopefully alexia_lee can add these to her posts on Aarinfantasy, where she's re-upping some other chapters.  The last two raw chapters were posted recently on this community by ecstasy816  If anyone can translate them properly, I can finish them up, especially Closer, which is only 7 pages and is already cleaned and waiting.  Please let me know.


The Calling universe, a 3-volume series, is set in the near future and centers on Shiki and Shino, two young recruits to the new anti-terror force "Zero-Unit". In a world of danger and secrecy, they each follow very different paths to be with the ones they love.

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Are You Enemy? and Not/Love

I've downloaded raw of Are You Enemy? and Not/Love from http://www.nakido.com (Thanks for ishitori for information). I don't have time to read it now (my translation skill is extremely slow), but there is some of chapters that haven't scanlated yet. I upload this files here, may be someone want to complete the walker series ^_^


Updated : Calling DJ: Yes Man (ENG)

This is the last DJ about the antagonist of the series of Calling "Yes Man". Thank for my friend again for buying it for me and take a picture, The picture isn't in HQ but readable. I don't sure there is someone upload this DJ before. Anyway, if you want to clean and translate it, just let me know.

Updated! I have translated this dj to English in excel and pdf file below (with Japanese text and picture). I would like to notice that my Japanese skill is a beginner and English isn't my first language, so this isn't a quality translation. However, I hope you can understand the story. If you found a mistranslated part, please tell me too.

(Updated 26-2-15 for the new translated excel file, the old one was expired)

Excel version (really large file, but you can edit the text)


The last chapter of Calling (Closer)


I've read the Calling manga and really love it. However, I didn't find any update about Calling last chapter scanlation (Closer), so I ask my friend in Japan to buy last book (Eden) and take a photo for me. They aren't high quality picture, but readable, so I would like to share it. If anyone want to clean and translate them, just notice me.


About Hydra and Rule manga

Hello, I would like to ask that how the story of Hydra and Rule are connect tightly? If I read only Hydra, will I miss something important? Could you please provide that information or suggestion? Thank you very much.

New manga in Reijin


Sensei has a new manga serialised in Reijin magazine's November issue called 髪結いの恋 or Kamiyui no Koi (loosely translated as Hairdresser's Love).

Now it remains to be seen if its a oneshot or a serial...*curious*

I really can't wait to get my hands on it!! XD

New manga in Canna 37

Miyamoto Kano has a new manga in Canna 37.
(This is Physical magazine but also available digitally)

The title is "Rainbow and Blues" and its a serie. XD

Magazine cover




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