Is Miyamoto-sensei hiatus or stop writing?

I've just read the news from mangaupdate site:
and it says that sensei has deleted both her official site and Twitter account in 2015. I can't find her account anyway, so I would like to ask anyone who know the details that what was happened?

I stil hoping for the end of walker series... If Sensei stop to be mangaka, that is really a sad news for me.

Rules 2 English version released

Drops of Passion Scanlations is pleased to announce the release by The End of 2 volumes (13 chapters) that make up Miyamoto Kano’s Rules 2. Drops of Passion is a spin-off group by a former editor from Liquid Passion, which scanlated much of the earlier Rules chapters and other stories by Miyamoto Kano before the staff retired a few years ago.

This scanlation was translated from the Russian version released by the group ‘Call of the Wind’. Our favorites are all here – Hikaru, Yuki, Tooru, and Atori are major characters, but other past characters also make appearances.

As far as any warnings, as is common with Miyamoto Kano’s stories, infidelity plays a role. There’s no character death at all. There’s a teacher/student relationship, but the student is 18, so is not underaged. If you’re a fan of Rules, you’ll like the ending.

Hyper chicken man - Walker series

Hi everyone ^^ This is the translation of the 3rd chapter in Walker series “Are You Enemy?”. Like a comment by main scanlator of this series (Liquid Passion), this one isn’t both Yaoi or Shonen-ai. This chapter is just about a utility man job of Bun and about Hato’s love! This is the first chapter for Nagiko’s appearance too. This chapter is really funny and a bit heart moving, so even this isn’t yaoi, I think that Kano-sensei’s fan will like it ^_^



Like other work. I just translated and paste the words beside the picture.

So, Are you enemy? is fully translated. you can read first chapter here . If I have a time I would like to translate the left chapter in Angelic conversation too... well, I must scan it first LOL

Thanks for greenleaf for the raw as ever ^^ Again, if you want to contact me about chapter discussion, error or anything you can use my askbox
Shino + TJ

Calling - LiquidEros and TheEnd jointly release the final 2 chapters!

It's been a long time coming...we are happy to announce that LiquidEros regrouped long enough to join with Kalendel at TheEnd to bring you the final extra from Calling, as well as a Habu-centric doujinshi.

Here are 4shared links for the Closer extra and the Yes Man DJ.


Yes Man

In addition, here's a re-upload of the earlier chapters:

Download bandwidth may not support everyone from these sites alone, so also check the separate links listed at The End's own LJ (the_end_manga), or Aarinfantasy as well.

We hope you enjoy this series as much as we've enjoyed sharing it with you.

Overload DJ translation script

Hello everyone!

This is my translation script for Overload DJ (Rule series).


In these files, there aren't any picture in them. Just japanese words and english translation. If you have a doujinshi, I think you can read it without confusion. About the doujinshji, if you can't buy it. You can find it at aarinfantasy, but you must has an account for this website. If not, I don't sure about how you can register a member of this community, because I use my friend's account. Feel free to distribute my translation. I hope my work help you.